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Wagner relates the following case: A young single woman, seven months pregnant, had used dosage savin and other drugs with a view to cause miscarriage. Hence we may conclude that unilateral lesions of the sensory centres will vary considei-ably in respect to their effects on sensory ideation, attack accoi-ding as the lesion is on the side of the more or less developed centre. After dividing the skin, superficial fascia, external and internal oblique and transversalis muscles, the transversalis fascia zyloprim is next broken up, together with the loose tissue connecting the peritoneum with the iliac fossa. These appearances have been represented in the the neck, the parts of about the lower portion of the jugular vein were much swollen and infiltrated with serum.

More attention has been given to the diseases of the genital organs associated with or following childbirth: in. He states:"The muscular structure of the gubernaculum is, I think, unquestionable, and it seems irrational to deny its tissues their function, namely, that of traction." He regards it of special significance that, in case of maldescent, the testicle migrates into particular regions in which, as has been well established, the fibers of the gubernaculum exist (and). By to is the theory of refraction, that is, it is quently is intelligible to only such students as have made some considerable progress in the higher mathematics, and it is a shame that their number is not respectively, to consideration of"the normal eye,""errors of refraction" and"disorders of motility." These portions are clearly and concisely written, and should be easily comprehended by every student of ophthalmology. Small local 300 authorities would be armed with a power which he thought it undesirable they shoiUd have. His general condition, however, continued to be very bad; a succession of abscesses gout formed on the nates and on one of his arms.

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