پايگاه اطلاع رساني پيامبر اعظم صلي الله عليه و آله
دانشگاه امام صادق عليه السلام
ايران كنفرانس(مرجع همايشهاي داخلي و خارجي)
معاونت فرهنگي و اجتماعي وزارت علوم تحقيقات و فناوري

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The citrate of iron and ammonia "and" is another remedy which possesses scarcely any astringency, and may often be given in cases of ansemia when the stomach will not bear more astringent preparations. In what advanced cases the drain upon the constitution is so great that the alveolar processes are absorbed, and the teeth, loosened in their sockets, are apt to fall out.

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