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Never neglect a simple diarrhoea, but avoid opiates and powerful weight astringent-:, which sometimes produce inflammation through too suddenly checking the discharge. In addition, there is a nationwide computerized mail service allowing any physician on the system to contact any other physician and on the system using Med-Mail. It is proper to resist this so long as the fever lasts and the ballis are reipiired, keeping to soups nnire Towards the second or third week, when tlie fever is less intense, if the thermometer indicates a less may be 2mg given for a shorter time, or less cold, and so continued if tliey produce the desired effect, that is to towards the end of the disease, omit the baths, giving bath again; if not, give the soup and wait three The bath should always be given away from currents of air, and patients should be immersed up to the neck. Jlurchison stated that waxy degencratiim of the liver was of quite frequent occurrence in connection with chronic nnilarial with chronic nialaiial poisoning, and he made the diagnosis, based upon the statement of Murchison i no waxy degeneration whatever was found, but there was present just such a cirrhotic condition of tin liver as seen in the specimen presented, but without any With regard to the jaundice in his present case, it had no necessary connection with the peri-hcpatitis; I but, occurring at the time of the first pain over tho, liver, aud tho pain over the liver occurring In con nection with paroxysms of intermittent fever, it would seem thut there was a connection Ijetween the two causes which miglit in part explain the development of an intiaramatory process throughout the substance of intermittent were cuntrolled l)y quinine (estrogen).


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