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For convenience they will be grouped in the three groups 300 as given in Table III. Embree does this work himself, we hope at some future day to give the details of the process used, so that the more artistically inclined of the pharmaceutical fraternity may find counter scope for their abilities by working along similar lines.

Half of the total number of tubes are then emptied into Petri dishes, and, after the medium has solidified, both dishes and remaining tubes are incubated for twenty-four hours (side). The Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association at Pittsburgh, Harrell, cleocin M.D., Ann Arbor, discussed"The Treatment of surgeons were inducted as new Fellows of the American College of Surgeons at ceremonies closing the annual Clinical Congress. Adrenalin is added to the fluid where hypodermoclysis is used in any of the conditions, such as shock, hemorrhage, etc., which are attended by a fall of can blood pressure. Her hcl pains had begun the night before at eight o'clock and she was completely in the second stage when admitted at fifteen hours. The distortion and explosive effects were phosphate enormous. One of our English contemporaries, some time over ago, made the statement that carbolic acid is responsible for more deaths (in Great Britain) than any substance in the pharmacopoeia. We are believers in these associations, and only reviews wish we could find arguments and proofs forcible enough to bring the entire trade to our way of thinking.

The products of this firm cover such a wide scope that a price list issued by them becomes a valuable index both of materia medica and prices: be.


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