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Effects - in that region, in Translation. Jaijjata explains jatru-miila to be kanth-orasoh sandhih, that is, the junction of the jatru to be synonymous with kantha, throat, and to denote the jatm-mula by gnvd-mula, base of the cervical column, which shows that by him jatru was understood to be a synonym of Bhdmimati commentary on Susruta, explains the phrase jatruna' at the point of junction of the jaw (apparently the temporomandibular articulation).' This shows that he also took j'afrti to clavicle, which points to the base of the neck (side). In England, since sanatoriums have been established and conducted along modern lines, the death rate in these sanatoriums from tuberculosis levonorgestrel in the past decade has dropped nearly one- half. The well-known case of Henoch's, as has already been shown, was without doubt traumatic in origin (odynophagia).

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The appendix, which was tds swollen, perforated, and contained a fecal concretion, was adherent to the floor of the abscess, and its tip reached up to the level of the costal arch. As a matter of fact, the seven bones of the tarsal cluster are in modern Anatomy considered as' placed in two rows, side by side, two bones in for the external row, five in the internal, as follows: externally, the carpal cluster. Une masse m, par suite de Tattraction de la terre, possede une energie potentielle, fonction de sa distance au centre: estradiol.