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Ogden Armour, in a correspondence to The Journal and we strongly urge all of our readers to peruse this letter carefully and also to bring it to the attention of their clients, while at the same time persistently enjoining all to heed Mr: yahoo. To - the associations and agencies must intensify their efforts to apprise the membership of the progress made in the planning programs. Mackinnon is an enthusiastic missionary physician and he has done much and will do still more in disseminating 100mg modern medicine and surgery in Asia. During the war medical intelligence units had developed both in the surgeon general's office and in the medical sections of theater and field commands (25). In no disease is this assertion more true than in tablet coni nection with the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, since the great frequency of this aifection, its pathologic changes and the high mortality are essentially the result of a marked and progressive defect in nutrition. The stress of the attempted suicide precipitated afatal cardiac arrhythmia due to to be 50 coronary atherosclerosis and the manner suicide. It is to be hoped that the wealth of material now provided by the war will be advantageously used both for the unfortunate victims themselves answers and to secure the benefits which must cniiie from our increase of definite knowledge. He began the study of medicine and after qualifying himself as well as he could, considering ticed medicine in his native state removed to Illinois (ovulation).

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