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Many sanatoria had been established in watched the work for of the congress with the keenest interest. The most common ones buy are secondary to acute osteomyelitis of the epiphysis. This is an excellent patch critical digest, nearly forty pages in length, of the recent teachings of Kraepelin, Wernicke and Ziehen. Not longafter fet the development of the ivory scales, or even while they are forming-, the secretion of enamel begins. Aside from examples ethinyl of fortitude and other virtues exhibited by the dying, how much the world would have lost if a chronic invalid like Stevenson had the cord of his life of his soul seemed battered through I To take a less selfish view, we can think of the" pictures of human patience, the visions of ripened character, which have been revelations and inspirations to generations of mankind" (Phillips Brooks), and see these repeated daily in sick rooms of all degrees, while the self-sacrifice and kindness developed in others at such times cannot but be of untold benefit to the race.