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Case of, loS disease of the membranes of the, specimen of, Bree, Dr (ivf). If a section of skin, which has been exposed to sufficient radiation to produce decided reaction, be examined microscopically, there will be found the evidences of an ordinary dermatiti s, with some dilatation of the If a section be taKen from a region thatMe been submitted to a course of radiation and is exhibiting macroscopically the evidences of atrophic change, a characteristic series of changes will be observed: The entire skin is thickened, especially in the Malpighian layer; the hair follicles have almost entirely disappeared; the papillflB are destroyed; and the sudoriferous and sebaceous glands have disappeared (levonorgestrel).

When the carbohydrate balance is or negative, one would tablets expect to find the lipoids increased. These changes seem to consist of the rapid degeneration of the pathologic tissue-cells, followed by their absorp-' tion, and the replacement of such cells by normal connective-tissue cells, which shortly contract and lead to some apparent atrophy of the site of disease: to. Estradiol - butler, and myself thought that it would be justifiable to attempt to relieve the patient by making a resection, in accordance with tbe plan I have already described. Its disadvantages are the inability to study carefully the detailed structure of the lungs, and the fact that it does not give us a permanent record, that is, those interested in the case must rely on the personal judgment of the radiologist, whereas, with the plate, a joint study The radiographic method has the advautage of giving an accurate, permanent record of the condition within the chest, and should show any variation from the normal which gives rise to change effects in density, either diminished or increased. Under one or another form of mechanical treatment, all the disagreeable symptoms attendant upon movable liver ethinyl usually can be successfully combated. Never designed for this work, cost and satisfactory measurements of the current generated are hard to make. AU these patients made good and recoveries after the second operation.

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