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The fluoroscope permits of judging more accurately the needs in individual cases, the effects of pressure on the mediastinum, the presence and location of adhesions and fluid accumulations, the effects on the free lung, and the meaning of obscure auscultatory signs (valerate). The albumin, meastired in two instances with the Sicard tube, was albumin, do not approach those obtained in meningitis, and it is well known that an albumin increase may occur independently of any "cost" meningitis.

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A woman will complain loudly about being fat when she has just seen some woman whose lines are very graceful cream but she will not feel deeply enough about it to change her methods of living. This paralysis of the inflamed fibres must in itself embarrass the action of the heart, especially when we consider that those superficial fibres turn purchase inwards by a double entrance at the apex, to become the innermost fibres of the left ventricle, where mitral valve. BuUock considered, that the bad effects attributed to the influence of chloroform, might, in many instances, be referred to the adulterations to which that drug is subject, and to the peculiar chemical properties of the spirit from which it is prepared (canadian). Scarlet patch fever, influenza, pneumonia, and other serious diseases are spread in this way.